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Custom Tray

Built for precision, our custom trays ensure accurate impressions for effective dental procedures and treatments.

Baseplate/Bite Rim

Custom-fitted for the first stage of dentures, aiding in proper alignment and bite for comfortable, precise final prosthetics.

Set Up (for Tray In)

Complete denture base setup with teeth, allowing for accurate customization and seamless transition to final prosthetics.

Process and Finish

The final stage of denture creation, ensuring precise fit, natural aesthetics, and superior comfort for the patient.

*Additional charges for all Premium Teeth


Framework Only

Custom-designed metal framework providing strength, stability, and precise support for long-lasting partial dentures.

Framework with Set-Up

A complete base setup with teeth for partial dentures, ensuring accurate alignment and fit for seamless restoration.

Framework, Set-Up & Finish

The final stage of crafting partial dentures, ensuring a precise fit, natural aesthetics, and comfortable wear for the patient.

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